Sawiirka 1aad:

Picture 1. Adam and the Animals


Sawiirka 2aad:

Picture 2. A Wife for Adam


Sawiirka 3aad


Picture 3. The Snake in the Garden


Sawiirka 4aad

Picture 4. Adam and Eve Outside the Garden


Sawiirka 5aad

Picture 5. Noah and the Great Boat


Sawiirka 6aad

Picture 6. The Great Flood


Sawiirka 7aad

Picture 7. The Rainbow and God's Promise


Sawiirka 8aad

Picture 8. The Tower of Babel


Sawiirka 9aad

Picture 9. Job Worships God


Sawiirka 10aad

Picture 10. Job in Mourning


Sawiirka 11aad

Picture 11. Job Suffers


Sawiirka 12aad

Picture 12. Job is Restored


Sawiirka 13aad

Picture 13. Abraham Leaves His Home


Sawirka 14aad

Picture 14. Abraham and Lot


Sawiirka 15aad

Picture 15. Abraham Meets the King of Peace


Sawiirka 16aad

Picture 16. Abraham Counts the Stars


Sawiirka 17aad

Picture 17. The Baby Ishmael


Sawiirka 18aad

Picture 18. Sarah Laughs


Sawiirka 19aad

Picture 19. Abraham Prays for Sodom


Sawiirka 20aad

Picture 20. Abraham's Sacrifice


Sawiirka 21aad

Picture 21. Old Abraham and His Servant


Sawiirka 22aad

Picture 22. Jesus is Born


Sawiirka 23aad

Picture 23. The Death of Jesus


Sawiirka 24aad

Picture 24. Jesus is Alive!