3 thoughts on “Qisada Nebi Yuunis Siduu Kitaabka Quduuska U Qoray

  1. mohamad Reply

    waa qiso aad iyo aad u xiiso badan. Rabbiga ha idin barakeeyo walaalaheen nala soo wadaagi qisadaan cajiibka badan.

  2. sophia Reply

    i really get alot of lessons from the story of Yunis, God chooses anyone to accomplish his work.

  3. sophia Reply

    You know people of God,, what really surprises me is the fact that even after Jonah went on his journey thinking to himself that this God is not seeing him, he was shocked to realize that even nature worked with God to return him to his call that he was running from! can u imagine that!! At times in life we find our self in similar situation with Jonah, we are called to minister to somebody but we hid in our comfort zone until God takes away all that and make us turn to Him, that is now our turning point to do the work of God.

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